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17. Dezember 2008
von Christoph Langner
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Mark will DEINE Screenshots

Ubuntu/Canonical hat in der letzten Zeit VIEL Kritik zum Aussehen des Ubuntu Desktop einstecken müssen. Das Design sei zu öde, zu langweilig, zu braun. Auf der Ubuntu Developer Mailinglist fragt SABDFL Mark Shuttleworth höchst-persönlich uns Benutzer, wie wir unseren Desktop einrichten…

As part of our work on desktop experience and design, I’m collecting screenshots of desktops in action. Please send me yours! Feel free to send two or three, with browsers open or email clients or chat windows, anything. I’m interested in seeing the diversity of wallpapers, themes, panel configurations, window layouts in general use.

By and large I think I can promise to keep these confidential but I would rather not have any sensitive info just in case. We will use these for mockups to test different ideas, and if one of those mockups got published I would not want to cause a problem for anyone!

I specifically am looking for screenshots that are all the same size so we can test ideas against multiple desktops simultaneously. I think 1024×768 is probably the most widely used size of screen on laptops. I don’t mind screenshots of desktops in other sizes (they may be quite useful) but having 10 or 20 shots in one size would be more useful right now.

Thanks very much!

Mark fordert uns auf Screenshots von unseren Desktops, am besten im Format 1024×768, direkt an ihn zu schicken. Die Screenshots werden als Mockups benutzt und eventuell veröffentlicht. Also achtet auf sensiblen Informationen in den Screenshots. Auch würde ich Links zu den genutzten Themes, Icons und Fonts mitschicken.